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We keep in touch with many of the smartest and most passionate people in cannabis. 


A wide range of topics impacting the industry from many of the leading minds and hearts shaping the industry from our colleagues and partners at FlowerHire curating important cannabis news to keep you informed about all aspects of the industry.


Recordings of ongoing Career in Cannabis HR community events are a useful way to keep an eye on trends impacting the cannabis industry. Take a look and see. You may be surprised at how seeing the industry from the point of view of HR pros can help gain important understandings of the current – and future – job landscape. Take a look and sign up for future events.


Tiffany Garcia, Grow Manager at Glass House Farms describes how her career path gave her the skills needed to be successful.

Leading cannabis news sources

The highly-knowledgeable and committed recruiters at FlowerHire curate the best places to find cannabis news to keep you informed about all aspects of the industry.


An Interview with Brandon Lamkin of Skymint on his journey from agricultural farming to cannabis farm manager.

How to write a cannabis resume

A carefully considered resume makes you stand out in the sea of job applicants. But writing a resume for the cannabis industry is different than writing a resume for non-cannabis companies. Learn how to make your resume stand out.

Which cannabis job is right for you?

With all the different types of jobs in the cannabis industry, how do you know which cannabis job is right for you?

Finding a new job in the cannabis industry

Beginning work in a new industry is incredibly exciting. Being prepared will help give you an edge – exactly what you need to stand out from the competition.

MASS talent

An Interview with an operator from the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry – Ulysses Youngblood, Co-Founder and President of Major Bloom.

Cannabis Appellations: what's in a name?

Having cannabis tethered to a specific place will likely augment, amplify, and/or change understandings and orientations around the product.

Inside the org chart: Director of Edibles

Talking about the Director of Edibles, a key role seeing high demand.

The DNA of a good cannabis hire

David Belsky, founder and CEO of FlowerHire, has been involved in over 350 strategic hires for the cannabis industry. He’s learned a lot about what makes up the perfect cannabis hire.

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