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Benzinga graphic on Careers in Cannabis resourcesBenzinga

Career opportunities, players + trends

Explore cannabis job opportunities with insights on key players, job platforms, salaries, trends, and emerging roles in the industry.  More

How to write a cannabis resume using ChatGPT by FlowerHire on Careers in Cannabis  FlowerHire logo

Cannabis resume writing using ChatGPT

Connect with an interviewer so they feel confident that you are the person for the job is an important interview consideration.   More

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15 high-paying jobs in the cannabis industry

Discover diverse high-paying careers in the cannabis industry with average salaries and job roles in this article by Indeed.  More

FlowerHire blog on transferable skills with Kate Steinberg, on Careers in Cannabis resourcesFlowerHire logo

Transferable skills to a dynamic career path

From dispensary associate to enterprise integration manager, Kate Steinberg of TerrAscend describes skill transferability.  More

Top 5 most in-demand skill sets for the legal cannabis industry from FlowerHireFlowerHire logo

5 in-demand cannabis industry skill sets

The cannabis industry continues to add full time jobs all across the country. Find out the most in-demand skill sets.  More

8 cannabis job seeker tips to get you hired from FlowerHireFlowerHire logo

8 cannabis job seeker tips to get you hired

Connecting with an interviewer so they feel confident that you are the person for the job is an important interview consideration.  More

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Working at a cannabis dispensary: 8 tips for success

Passionate about cannabis? Want to contribute to the industry, connect with like-minded individuals, and learn more about the plant? A job at a cannabis dispensary is a great way to get started.  More

5 presenters at 40 Tons 'Canna Get A 2nd Chance' Cannabis Career Conference in Trenton, NJ40TBottom-Logo-204w

Tips on growing your cannabis career | cannabis hiring fairs 

When alternatives appear limited,  opportunities don’t always happen, but may need to be created. Do your research and discover if a legal role in the cannabis industry is right for you.  More

Image of young woman inspecting cannabis plant for post 'Budding opportunities' – careers in cannabis from New York State Cannabis Workforce Cannabis Workforce Initiative logo

Budding opportunities – learn about the careers

New York State Cannabis Workforce Initiative promotes social equity in adult-use cannabis market by providing workforce development and legal education. A good primer for working in any state.  More

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How to get a job in the cannabis industry

To land a cannabis job, you need to be professional, perform well, and know about job responsibilities, rules, and regulations. 5 key things you should be doing if you want to get a job.  More

Transferable Skills: 10 Skills That Work Across Industries blog post by IndeedIndeed logo

Transferable Skills: 10 Skills That Work Across Industries

You likely already possess many transferable skills employers value, such as organization, communication, relationship building or attention to detail.  More

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Top Five Transferrable Skills for a Career in Cannabis

If you're going to try to get an entry-level position in a field that doesn't have a massive history when it comes to college education, you'll need to put something on your resume, right?  More


"The medical cannabis industry has grown to include many career opportunities within various fields." Quote from Indeed on Careers in Cannabisindeed logo

Medical marijuana industry jobs to explore

Explore diverse job opportunities in the expanding medical marijuana industry, including customer service, sales, research, management, finance, and executive roles.  More

Now is the time to hire in cannabis. A post from FlowerHire on Careers in CannabisFlowerHire logo

The best time to hire in the cannabis industry 

The industry has gained talent insights, and companies now looking  for unicorns: talent with experience and skills that bring immediate value for success.  More

Reasons to work in the cannabis industry from FlowerHireFlowerHire

Reasons to work in cannabis

If you’ve been thinking about a career in cannabis, here is why now is the time to get into the industry.  More

Cannabis is the best industry to work in – from FlowerHireFlowerHire logo

Cannabis is the best industry to work in

Even with economic hurdles, cannabis continues to break records as the fastest-growing industry in the US. Find out why.  More

The Economic Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana – from Investopedia2560px-Investopedia_logo

The economic benefits of legalizing marijuana

In the effort to decriminalize – and destigmatize – cannabis, states are seeing the financial, social, and medical benefits as the industry continues to mature.  More

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Career Opportunities, Key Players And Industry Trends 

In the effort to decriminalize – and destigmatize – cannabis, states are seeing the financial, social, and medical benefits as the industry continues to mature.  More


Walking the DEI talk – actionable ideas from the FlowerHire teamFlowerHire logo

Walk the DEI talk

The injustices of the past won’t magically right themselves. A group of industry professionals address clear pathways to a support and build an industry with the promise of inclusion of everyone.  More

Building social impoactCannabis Doing Good logo

5 steps to building social impact + community connections

Cannabis social responsibility programs aim to provide resources and opportunities for communities impacted by prohibition to participate in the emerging industry.  More

Health Benefits Of Cannabis, According To Experts – Forbes HEALTHForbes HEALTH logo

Health benefits of cannabis, according to experts

More peer-reviewed clinical research is needed, but a myriad of studies support cannabis as a legitimate and safe therapeutic substance when used properly under expert supervision.  More


Top 10 Jobs in the Fast-Growing Cannabis Industry by Indeed on Careers in Cannabis Indeed Logo

10 steps to get a cannabis industry job

Explore the growing cannabis industry with diverse job opportunities. Learn how to start your career with Indeed’s10-point guide.  More

Apharoot's Guide to Cannabis Terms on Careers in Cannabisalpharoot_logo_200x42

A guide to cannabis terms

As the industry grows and changes, cannabis terminology is evolving. This guide is by a leader in the industry, Eric Schneider, Managing Director of insurance brokerage and tech platform Alpha Root . More

8 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job by David Belsky for Global Cannabis Times on Careers in CannabisGlobal Cannabis Times logo

Tips for landing your dream job

Market your transferable skills, know your goals, and educate yourself about the industry with tips from David Belsky of leading cannabis recruitment agency FlowerHire,  More

Green Flower's photo of Colorado Harvest Company dispensary on Careers in CannabisGreen Flower Logo

8 tips for working at a cannabis dispensary

Explore opportunities in the cannabis dispensary sector. Tips for success include product knowledge, legal understanding, and monitoring industry trends.  More

How to Begin Your Career In Cannabis by Indeed on Careers in CannabisGreen Flower Logo

How to begin your career in cannabis

Explore diverse opportunities in the expanding cannabis industry. Roles range from budtending and harvesting to web development and marketing. Expert tips to start your cannabis career journey.  More

A young man in a shirt and tie seated in a row of white chairs, mastering behavioral interview questions from Green Flower on Careers in Cannabis Green Flower Logo

Behavioral interview questions in cannabis

Get a head start on hiring, by mastering behavioral-based interview questions. Showcasing teamwork, client interactions, adaptability, and time management skills helps candidates stand out. More



Tiffany Garcia, Grow Manager at Glass House Farms describes how her career path gave her the skills needed to be successful. More


Leading cannabis news sources

The knowledgeable and committed recruiters at FlowerHire curate the best places to find cannabis news to keep you informed about aspects of the industry. More



An Interview with Brandon Lamkin of Skymint on his journey from agricultural farming to cannabis farm manager. More


How to write a cannabis resume

A carefully considered resume stand out in the sea of job applicants. But writing a resume for the cannabis industry is different than for non-cannabis companies. Learn how to make your resume stand out. More


Which cannabis job is right for you?

With all the different types of jobs in the cannabis industry, how do you know which cannabis job is right for you?  More


Finding a new job in the cannabis industry

Beginning work in a new industry is incredibly exciting. Being prepared will help give you an edge – exactly what you need to stand out from the competition. More


MASS talent

An Interview with an operator from the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry – Ulysses Youngblood, Co-Founder and President of Major Bloom.  More


Cannabis appellations: what's in a name?

Having cannabis tethered to a specific place will likely augment, amplify, and/or change understandings and orientations around the product.  More


Inside the org chart: director of edibles

Talking about a key role: director of edibles.  More

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