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Top 5 most in-demand skill sets for the legal cannabis industry from FlowerHire  FlowerHire logo
5 in-demand cannabis industry skill sets

The cannabis industry continues to add full time jobs all across the country. Find out the most in-demand skill sets  More

8 cannabis job seeker tips to get you hired from FlowerHire  FlowerHire logo
8 cannabis job seeker tips to get you hired

Connecting with an interviewer so they feel confident that you are the person for the job is an important interview consideration  More

Working at a cannabis dispensary – 8 tips for success from Green Flower  Green Flower logo

Working at a cannabis dispensary: 8 tips for success 

Passionate about cannabis? Want to contribute to the industry, connect with like-minded individuals, and learn more about the plant? A job at a cannabis dispensary is a great way to get started  More

KhuenPhu Wellness Warrior graphic for the post 'Why wellness is your greatest career-growth tool' from 40 Tons  40 Tons logo

Why wellness is your greatest career-growth tool

We all know that confidence, or lack of confidence, can make or break a job interview or career advancement opportunity. Learn about the KhuenPhu 7-Day Wellness Warrior Challenge  More

Image of young woman inspecting cannabis plant for post 'Budding opportunities' – careers in cannabis from New York State Cannabis Workforce Cannabis Workforce Initiative logo

Budding opportunities – learn about the careers

New York State Cannabis Workforce Initiative promotes social equity in adult-use cannabis market by providing workforce development and legal education. A good primer for working in any state  More

Graphic for 'How to Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry' by Cannabiz  cannabiz media logo

How to get a job in the cannabis industry 

To land a cannabis job, you need to be professional, perform well, and know about job responsibilities, rules, and regulations. 5 key things you should be doing if you want to get a job  More


Reasons to work in the cannabis industry from FlowerHire  FlowerHire logo

Reasons to work in cannabis

If you’ve been thinking about a career in cannabis, here is why now is the time to get into the industry  More

Cannabis is the best industry to work in – from FlowerHire   FlowerHire logo

Cannabis is the best industry to work in 

Even with economic hurdles, cannabis continues to break records as the fastest-growing industry in the US. Find out why  More

The Economic Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana – from Investopedia  Investopedia logo

The economic benefits of legalizing marijuana

In the effort to decriminalize – and destigmatize – cannabis, states are seeing the financial, social, and medical benefits as the industry continues to mature  More

Cannabis Industry Forecast 2023 from FlowerHire   FlowerHire logo

Cannabis industry forecast 

How are growing markets shaping cannabis job growth?  More


Walking the DEI talk – actionable ideas from the FlowerHire team  FlowerHire logo

Walk the DEI talk

The injustices of the past won’t magically right themselves. A group of industry professionals address clear pathways to a support and build an industry with the promise of inclusion of everyone  More

cinc_resources_blog_posts_cdg   Cannabis Doing Good logo

5 steps to building social impact + community connections 

Cannabis social responsibility programs aim to provide resources and opportunities for communities impacted by prohibition to participate in the emerging industry  More


blog_posts_tic_garcia   FlowerHire logo

Tiffany Garcia, Grow Manager at Glass House Farms describes how her career path gave her the skills needed to be successful. More

blog_posts_feed_your_head  FlowerHire logo
Leading cannabis news sources

The highly-knowledgeable and committed recruiters at FlowerHire curate the best places to find cannabis news to keep you informed about all aspects of the industry. More

blog_posts_tic_lamkin  FlowerHire logo

An Interview with Brandon Lamkin of Skymint on his journey from agricultural farming to cannabis farm manager. More

blog_posts_dream_resume   FlowerHire logo
How to write a cannabis resume

A carefully considered resume stand out in the sea of job applicants. But writing a resume for the cannabis industry is different than for non-cannabis companies. Learn how to make your resume stand out. More

blog_posts_quiz  FlowerHire logo
Which cannabis job is right for you?

With all the different types of jobs in the cannabis industry, how do you know which cannabis job is right for you?  More

blog_posts_how_to_find  FlowerHire logo
Finding a new job in the cannabis industry

Beginning work in a new industry is incredibly exciting. Being prepared will help give you an edge – exactly what you need to stand out from the competition. More

blog_posts_mass_major  FlowerHire logo
MASS talent

An Interview with an operator from the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry – Ulysses Youngblood, Co-Founder and President of Major Bloom.  More

blog_post_appelations  FlowerHire logo
Cannabis appellations: what's in a name?

Having cannabis tethered to a specific place will likely augment, amplify, and/or change understandings and orientations around the product.  More

blog_post_edible  FlowerHire logo
Inside the org chart: director of edibles

Talking about a key role: director of edibles  More

blog_post_dna  FlowerHire logo
The DNA of a good cannabis hire

David Belsky, founder & CEO of FlowerHire, has been involved in 350+ strategic hires for the cannabis industry and knows a lot about what makes up the perfect cannabis hire.  More

cannabis HR webinars of pros in conversation – on Careers in Cannabis

Ongoing Career in Cannabis HR community events are a useful way to keep an eye on trends impacting the cannabis industry.
Seeing the industry from the point of view of HR pros can provide important understandings of the current – and future – job landscape.
Take a look and sign up for future events.

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