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Cannabis performance planning for 2023

With a new year approaching, budgeting processes takes place. Cannabis firms that have successful people planning budgets and processes have a strong alignment between HR and finance. Local Roots' Amy Froebel, and FlowerHire's Jason Desentz discussing best practices. engin sciences' CEO Sloane Barbour moderates. View 

What board members expect from HR in cannabis

Co-hosted by FlowerHire, Ascend Wellness Holdings' Robin Debiase and AYR Wellness' Jamie Mendola address what board members expect from cannabis HR leaders. Moderating this event is FlowerHire Senior Advisor and engin sciences' board member Mike Siebold. View
Recorded September 21, 2022

Best practices for training employees in cannabis

Join three of the cannabis industry's HR leaders Anya Vargo, Jennifer Marszalek and Kristy Knupp for a conversation on transitioning to cannabis from traditional corporate HR. View
Recorded April 7, 2022

Social impact strategies and diversifying your workforce

40 Tons Chief Careers Officer Brandon Mitchell describes social impact strategies for diversifying cannabis workforces. In addition to defining multiple pathways for people impacted by the War on Drugs, he provides a plethora of resources. View
Recorded July 19, 2022

Strategies for building a coaching culture at your workplace

Chief People Officer Wilma Brockington-Parker discusses the strategies for building a workplace coaching culture. Defining coaching, its benefits and strategies, Wilma also offers resources for piloting a coaching culture. View
Recorded June 14, 2022

The DNA of a good cannabis hire

Jill Osborn in a conversation on the DNA of a good cannabis hire, the industry's unique dynamics and culture, how to ask the right questions, and what to decipher in an interview. View
Recorded May 12, 2022

Transitioning to cannabis from traditional corporate HR

Join three of the cannabis industry's HR leaders Anya Vargo, Jennifer Marszalek and Kristy Knupp for a conversation on transitioning to cannabis from traditional corporate HR. View
Recorded April 7, 2022

Aspirational to operational: how mentorship & collaboration are key

embarc's founder & CEO Lauren Carpenter joins colleagues Terri Gilles, Amber Dobson, and Ivy Merriman in conversation. View
Recorded March 24, 2022

CinC speaker card 2.24
Cannabis culture: building a community within the community

Cannabis business strategists Mike Siebold and Leah Heise in conversation on factors impacting cannabis culture. View
Recorded February 24, 2022

CinC Feb speaker card final-1
Key employment, compliance, and insurance issues impacting the cannabis industry in 2022

Attorneys Jodi Green and Rebecca Schach from Miller Nash LLP in conversation about what HR and risk management professionals should know about key current cannabis industry employment, compliance, and insurance issues.  Download PDF •  View
Recorded January 24, 2022

A partnership that supports the industry

Sloane Barbour and Valerie Fraysse of engin sciences speak with Chris Lagana of Würk to showcase the innovative integration between Würk's HCM software and engin's AI-powered hiring platform.  View

cinc wage and hour issues
Wages & hour issues in the cannabis industry

Attorneys Stephanie McGraw and Charlie Rosebrough from Shook, Hardy & Bacon in conversation on wage and hour issues that impact the cannabis industry. View
Recorded October 7, 2021

Tools + tech: optimizing hiring + retention

Sloane Barbour, Jojo Palacio, Jason Desentz, and Valerie Fraysse present and discuss utilizing tools and technology to address three important topics – fit, effective onboarding, and retention.  View
Recorded July 21, 2021

Infusing cannabis with diversity

Senior HR consultant Ciera Parks discusses important, actionable approaches for supporting diversity across the cannabis industry.  View
Recorded May 11, 2021

Klaudia Jakubiak CinC slack
Building an engaged retail workforce

Klaudia Jakubiak, Head of HR at Cloud Cannabis, leads an informative discussion on building an engaged retail workforce.  View
Recorded on April 21, 2021

Priorities for cannabis HR

Nichole Upshaw, Executive Vice President of HR at Jushi, discusses 2021 priorities for cannabis HR.  View
Recorded on April 1, 2021

Learning + Development

Valerie Marsh, director of Learning and Development at Harvest leads and Learning and Development (L&D) in the cannabis industry.  View
Recorded on March 12, 2021



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