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Finding the right work environment is can be complex. Knowing that a company is a leader in the industry is a terrific starting point. Take a look at some of the openings.

Elevated Equipment Supply logo
Elevated Equipment Supply

A full-service equipment and supplies provider for the commercial cultivation and extraction industries. Our Botanical Extraction team has designed layouts and developed standard operating procedures for labs nationally. We dropship the most popular brands in extraction equipment, as well as industrial volume solvents and hydrocarbons to any mainland state. Our Agricultural Cultivation department is staffed with experienced insights to what the modern grower needs; our consulting services for layout & planning, business strategy, and marketing brings all your industry needs under one roof.

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Ascend Wellness Holdings

AWH is a vertically integrated operator with assets and partners in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. AWH owns and operates state-of-the-art cultivation facilities, growing award-winning strains and producing curated selection of products with effect-based categorization. AWH produces and distributes Ozone branded products. For more information, visit www.awholdings.com.

Cloud Cannabis Co.

We’re a cannabis dispensary, but when we say “Live Higher” there’s more to it than you might think. We’re talking about elevating your life – your health, enjoyment and productivity – to go to the next level and be the best version of you. Our mission is to make Michigan happier and healthier by demystifying the cannabis shopping experience through education, assortment and community. With our “education first” and “people over profit” approach to business, we help customers navigate which products will deliver their desired effect.

Skymint Brands

As purveyors of premium-crafted cannabis, we’ve developed a portfolio of the finest cannabis brands available for health, healing or just getting high on life. Whether you want to get off pain meds, restore your appetite, relax into more restful sleep, or unlock your higher self, SkyMint has the products you want and need to enjoy the absolute best cannabis experience.


Emjay delivers premium cannabis—flower, vapes, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates, joints, and accessories—straight to your doorstep in Los Angeles. Whether you’re a medical marijuana user or you’re more of a recreational dabbler, Emjay offers fast, reliable, safe delivery from one of LA’s most popular local dispensaries. All of our products are hand-picked by industry experts to ensure the best selection and a wide range of choices.

Jushi Holdings

Jushi Holdings, Inc. is striving to be a world-class leader in cannabis and hemp. Our mission is to create an integrated global community of wellness, mindfulness, and connections through superior quality #cannabis and hemp-derived products. Our industry leading solutions bring strong branding and trusted products to a quickly growing industry.


Our purpose is to compassionately provide patients access to the highest level of medical cannabis in an unrivaled, professional healthcare environment with outstanding customer service. Patient care always comes first at Fluent and our standards, practices, and performance is unmatched.

TapRoot Holdings, Inc.

TapRoot is the foundation of a collaborative ecosystem of world-class thought leaders, creators, and craftsmen within the global cannabis community. We are focused on creating premium products and brands that will redefine the future of cannabis as a pillar of a modern, integrated lifestyle.

Beyond / Hello

We founded and built an entire company on two small words that have massive implications. In our industry, people are about the transaction – get in, buy something, leave. They care about the bottom line. Not us, we believe in helping, in serving, in questioning, in being deliberate, intentional, fully focused on our customers.

Central Coast Agriculture

Headquartered north of Santa Barbara in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley, CCA is a company focused on utilizing science and sustainability to grow quality, modern crops. Our unmatched commitment to innovating both organic farming and modern manufacturing means our customers have access to products that exceed expectations.


FlowerHire is on a mission to build a conscious cannabis community, one hire at a time. As the leading Cannabis Talent Agency and Platform in North America, FlowerHire has filled hundreds of positions in over a dozen US states since our inception in 2017, prior to California fully legalizing. FlowerHire works with marquee brands and multi state operators in all parts of the cannabis vertical. FlowerHire provides retained Executive Search and Contingent Staffing services for strategic hiring support. For candidates, FlowerHire offers white glove career support for those entering the exciting, but often misunderstood, Cannabis industry.



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